The long COMPLETE full story.

It was about three years ago that I found myself in my broke down 2000 S10 getting ready for a chill session. The "stock" was low so I cracked open the bottom of the grinder to find mounds of golden happiness. My luck held out tho and I had no way of getting that brown magic sand from the catch to my bowl. I had to improvise. After looking around the floor I found a straw and remembered a story from an old man about how he used a straw to scoop his out, so I tried it. I jabbed the straw down into the grains of sticky love bombs and to my amazement the straw filled.  However I had forgotten an important part of the old mans story and did not trim or split the tip so my straw was full but it was stuck inside. Rolling the straw in my fingers only let the grains trickle out. I needed a better way. A broken antenna from the floor fit perfectly inside the straw and BOOM! The HandyPucker was born.  The next day I made the first working prototype. 


I reworked and developed the design of The HandyPucker over the next year and after showing a handful of friends I realized I might have something worth patenting.  

Sadly due to money issues I could no longer afford the shops rent and was forced to put the shop into storage and The HandyPucker into research and development mode.  After not finding anything comparable to what I came up with I decided to cash out my savings and move forward with getting patented. 


In the spring of 2019 the winters snow melt flooded our area and our storage unit remained under water for over 3 months while the waters receded.  

We thought we lost everything and that The HandyPucker no longer had a chance of being developed. All of our tools were under water for 3 months... But #NeverGiveUpNeverSurrender I cleaned up and rebuilt the tools and they all run!

July 4th this year we got confirmation that our provisional patent was granted and we could start sharing The HandyPucker with the community. So I made mom move her car out of her garage and I set up the shop. Thanks, Mom! 

I now have a small stock ready to share with my friends and my wife has our eCommerce website ready to go.  I have the shop ready to produce and a little shipping/ handling area set up. 

That brings us to now.... 


The future of The HandyPucker

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