Let's "puck" something up?

-This is why You Need The HandyPucker-

  • You can plunge into material to collect & distribute

  • You can scrape the corners of your grinder with the flexible tip while it collects

  • You can use The HandyPucker to press small smokable pucks

  • You can use The HandyPucker to load a cone or pre rolled paper

    • ​*If you layer flower-kief-flower during collection your joints will be layered like lasagna*

  • You can load storage devices, dugout containers, vape pens or whatever​​

Basic How To:

1. Pull plunger up

2. Use flexible tip to "Rake" material into a pile

3. Plunge collection tip into material

4. Depress plunger to evacuate tube

         Basic woodburning available upon request, starting at $5.00 please DM us through twitter or through our chat window on our website for a custom invoice.

For kief, 45mm long fits in most grinders

Please allow additional time to create the mini

For kief, cones, deep reach  

80mm collection tube for blunt assistance.

For kief, cones, cigarettes, pucking

55mm collection tube for joint assistance

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